SAT II Chinese Intensive Class (10 Sessions)

SATURDAYS, JUNE 9 – AUGUST 18, 2018 (9:00 am – 12:00 pm)

Tuition Fee: $600

SAT II Chinese Intensive Class is designed for students who are going to take the SAT II Chinese Test this November or planning to take the quiz in the future. A variety of mock tests are provided along with answer discussions and illustrations. Detailed analysis of grammar, vocabulary and phrases which are easily misunderstood as well as listening and reading skills are also provided. This class is ideal for students who would like acquire the skill and the knowledge necessary to do well on the SAT II, as well as students who are inspired and interested in improving their Chinese.


Instructor: Dr. Sharon Chu

College board certified AP Chinese teacher. Currently teaching AP Chinese and Mandarin Chinese III in a high school setting; also teaching Chinese for both heritage and CSL (Chinese as second language) students in Chinese schools.

Instructor: Ms. Tai-Li Chang

Graduated from National Taiwan Normal University, Chinese major. Senior Mandarin Chinese teacher. Compilation mock tests and AP assignments for MeiZhou Chinese, vol. 5. Currently teaching K8 in Tzu Chi Academy.