K8 Genius Club Membership

A Concierge Support System: BECAUSE of Lyceum Village’s unique “all-in-one” infrastructure, we are able to offer busy parents with our innovative after-school concierge support system - featuring our signature “K8 Genius Club.” It can most accurately be described as a parent directed after-school care program on steroids! Our parent advisor communicates with every parent to customize a dynamic after-school plan for each member. The Lyceum Village Genius proctors then, ensures that parent plans are carried out. K8 Genius Club supports “persistence” and “practice” in athletics, arts, and academics – even if the parent is not able to be there in person.

K8 Genius Club: Through Lyceum Village’s use of advanced technology, parents of the K8 Genius Club members have access to regular communication with the K8 Geniuses to tailor activities to the children’s ever-changing school demands. Security is monitored 24/7 via ARLO cams throughout the facility. K8 Genius’ will make sure your child gets to their in-house enrichment activities or is at the 2nd floor Genius Club area. Three 60-minute blocks are offered daily starting at 3:30 pm and ending at 6:30 pm. (2:30 pm – 5:30 pm for K-3, coming soon!) On Wednesday, there is an additional block beginning at 2:30 pm at which time formal group activities are conducted. (Cotillion, speech & debate, manners & protocol, Lyceum Village government, etc.)

  • Proctored Practice blocks: Any music practice, whether for in-house or outside instructor
  • Enrichment Activities: Many included and/or discounted choices
  • Genius Club:
      • Complete School Homework
      • Work on School Projects
      • School Test and Quiz Preparation
      • Journaling and Penmanship
      • Book Club
      • Genius Club Government
      • Earn House points
      • Brain Games*
      • CAT (GC Computer Adaptive Technology)
  • GC Computer Adaptive Technology (CAT): Members will receive iMac accounts. Genius’ will supervise, track, and monitor progress.
    • Read Theory: Reading comprehension, vocabulary building. Provides data for pre-test averages, program averages, grade-level progression, Lexile level progression, mastery of ELA Common Core standards, quiz history, and how a student's reading level has fluctuated with each quiz.
    • Duolingo
    • School Test and Quiz Preparation
    • Journaling and Penmanship
    • Book Club
    • Khan Academy
    • IXL, and other top adaptive learning software
  • Cotillion, Speech, Competitions: Members will learn and practice cotillion skills throughout the Lyceum Village hours. On early-release days (Wednesday) members will receive formal instruction in cotillion in a group setting. These classes will alternate with other skills classes, such as public speaking, speech & debate, logic, government, leadership, etc. As members advance in skill-level, Lyceum Village will support students interested in entering speech & debate tournaments, competitions, community service, and other character development activities.
  • Motivational House Systems: Genius Club members will randomly draw a coin to determine which House they will become a member of: House of Aristotle, House of Plato, House of Socrates, House of Orpheus, or House of Milo. House teams will gain points throughout the day, and will be able to redeem points for good marks at their individual schools. The Genius Club will provide team-building and individual challenges in: PlayThinks, Geometry, Points and Lines, Graphs and Networks, Curves and Circles, Shapes and Polygons, Patterns, Dissections, Numbers, Logic and Probability, Topology, Science, Perception
  • Nutrition & Wellness: K8 Genius Club members have access to the Lyceum Village café in addition to being able to grow and care for our organic vegetable garden (coming soon). Organic low/no sugar snacks are always included. Lyceum Village is committed to promoting continual marketing of healthy messages within the facility for all members, villagers, and their families. Good nutrition is vital to academic success – especially during the childhood growing years. The result of nutrition “misinformation” and environmental epigenetics has contributed to the cause of a global health crisis. For the future of the children, a correction needs to be made through providing reliable nutrition education through messaging, counseling, and group classes, all, of which Lyceum Village supports and provides.
  • Character Development: Lyceum Village realizes that children learn behavior and actions by beholding those who model for them. These are often those who they are spending most of their waking hours with, including on television and internet personalities, school friends, and siblings and parents. Lyceum Village focuses on aiding the parent by surrounding their children with positive peer influence. In addition, providing the long-term development of the child’s academic and personal characteristics and values that are considered a priority include:
    • Academic Achievement
    • Intellectual Promise
    • Quality Writing
    • Creative and Original Thought
    • Productive Discussions in Class and Groups
    • Respect
    • Disciplined Work Habits
    • Maturity
    • Motivation
    • Leadership
    • Integrity
    • Reaction to Setbacks
    • Concern for Others
    • Self-confidence
    • Initiative and Independence

    After only one month from the grand opening of our Lyceum Village K8 Genius Club, we are hearing success stories from parents and their teachers. Our hope is to work together with you - the parent - to guide your children and prepare them to become successful independent learners so the foundation would be laid for your children to pursue life-long excellence in whatever future awaits them.

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