Lyceum Village

Lyceum Village provides concierge support and high level enrichment programs that stimulate intellectual and character development, subject mastery, and wellness.

Perfect practice makes perfect. We focus on frequent perfect practice with teacher guidance and peer support.

A love for learning happens when you combine experienced, passionate teachers with a motivational environment.

  • Lyceum's expert teachers inspire focus, curiosity, and hard work in students. They save time because everything is learned correctly from the beginning. The teacher is everything...

  • Motivational Environment
    • Signature Genius Club K-8 Afterschool program uses gamification to help motivate and build confidence as students discover and master new things.
    • Our rich environment of 30+ high level activities in one location stimulates students' curiosity, motivation, and balanced development of crucial life skills.

Discover new academic and personal strengths. Come be amazed at what you can do!

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