Titans Boys Basketball

Titans Boys Basketball is a non-profit organization which operates a youth basketball program in grades K-8th. Our primary goal is to teach children the fundamentals of basketball and good sportsmanship. We are a 100% volunteer organization relying on the help of parents and community support to keep our program running.

Lyceum Boys Youth Basketball Program includes:

  • Camps and Mini-Camps focused on specific skill sets.
  • Coaches that have played or coached at least at the collegiate level (and some professional level in WNBA, NBA, NBDL, etc.)
  • Private Training
  • Small-Group Training (Maximum ration of 10 players to 1 coach).
  • Beginner Club Teams (K-6th Grades)
  • Intermediate Club Teams (2nd through 6th Grades)
  • Advanced Club Teams (2nd through 8th Grades)

To learn more about our program and prices, you can email news@lyceumvillage.org.