Math@LV: 2018 Fall Sessions

Reach Mathematics Excellence through a deep understanding of concepts and problem solving strategies. Guided independent learning and self-discovery with an emphasis on mathematical frameworks and methods to tackle the California common core state standards. Learn organization and study skills and proper preparation for assignments and tests.

E1 Math Titans - Helios Group (Competition Team)

Master Mathematics. This group is for students who want to develop mathematical proficiency far beyond the required standards. For students who wish to develop the thinking skills and processes necessary to progress to the highest levels of mathematics. For students who want to compete in mathematics competitions and olympiads.

    Helios Group - Thursdays, 3:30pm - 4:30pm
    • Public: $100/mo. Materials fee applies. Placement testing required.
    • Members: Included. Materials fee applies. Please contact for details

E1 Math Titans - Oceanus Group (Personal Math Excellence Plan, Grades 5-8)
For students who wish to develop a thriving curiosity for why we learn mathematics and how it relates to the real world. Build confidence through mastery and develop the right perspective towards math before entering the rigor of high school mathematics.

E1 Math Titans - Cronus Group (Personal Math Excellence Plan, Grades K-4)
Members, grades K-4, can elect to be placed on a Personal Math Excellence Plan. Members on this custom, parent-directed plan will be given additional mathematics material to develop proficiency in mathematical problem solving and mastery of concepts learned thus far.

    Oceanus Group and Cronus group
    • Public: Exclusive to members of the Genius Club
    • Members: Materials fee applies. Please contact for details.