Athletic Republic of California (AROC)

Our underlying mission is to tip the scales of sport in your favor. If there is an advantage to be had, we’re the ones to find it. We know how to develop competitive athletes. Using state-of-the-art performance testing tools with synchronized video to document progress, we’ve tested, studied and perfected our training programs so you gain the ability to improve your play and the confidence to win. Every individualized program is based on fundamental test data that identifies your strengths and targets your weaknesses. Our proven methods safely push you past your limits, increasing the competitive skills required to be a champion.

Winter Camp Programs

AROC JUNIORS: A one hour ground-based class for our younger athletes ages 6-11. The focus is on fundamental skills and abilities to develop good movement patterns; eye, hand, foot coordination; and relative strength. We emphasize focus and attention and encourage the athletes so that they grow in confidence. The goal is to prepare young athletes to perform well in their sport or sports of choice and to prepare them for our more advanced classes when they are ready.

MULTI-DIRECTIONAL EXPLOSIVENESS: High Intensity Agility Training Focus is on changing direction in sport specific movements. Our goal is to make the athlete more agile and more powerful. Emphasis is on improving foot speed, forward and lateral movement, and more explosive power both vertically and in first step.

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