Lyceum Village Foundation

Lyceum Village is a non-profit program dedicated to help all children have access to a quality after school care program.

Many of us have met at some point in our lives a young child we wish we could really help. A child with enormous potential that had extra challenges in their life we feared might prevent them from reaching their full potential.

Through the Lyceum Village Foundation, it's possible to make a huge impact on this child by sponsoring their after school care and activities. Donors can choose a student they know personally, or be matched with a student from our Financial Aid List.

What your donation can provide:

  • Academic tutoring, HW help, and school test preparation
  • Access to extra-curricular activities such as athletics, science and math classes, computer & robotics, music, art, theatre, and many more.
  • Healthy snacks, meals, and access to a shower
  • Daily access to pianos or a musical instrument as well as daily proctored practicing
  • Transportation to and from Lyceum
  • A positive motivated and high achieving peer group
  • A nurturing, safe, and joyful place for the child to be after school.

To connect with a child or donate to the Foundation, please contact Dr. Susan Boettger at (310) 266-0790 or email