Dr. Anna Gliadkovskaya

Anna Gliadkovskaya was born in Samara, Russia and has studied music since the age of 5. Mrs. Gliadkovskaya attended the Specialized Music School for Gifted Children in Kiev and the Russian Music Academy after Gnessins in Moscow - some of the most prestigious music institutions in Russia - where her teachers included renowned musicians Olga Sherstyuk and Alexander Alexandrov, the dean of the Academy. Only the most talented and promising musicians were admitted to those schools, and there was a serious competition to get in. Anna received many scholarships, awards and honors throughout her studies in Kiev and Moscow, including a special scholarship from the Ministry of Culture of Russia given only to the most outstanding music students. She was selected on the basis of her achievements and participated at the joint American-Russian music production "Peace Child" in 1988, made possible by the Cultural Exchange Treaty signed by then presidents Gorbachev and Reagan.

Anna earned her Master Degree and Postgraduate Diploma (an equivalent of American ABD/Doctorate Degree) from Gnessins Russian Music Academy. Mrs. Gliadkovskaya was featured on numerous TV and radio broadcasts of her performances on such networks as Russian and Ukrainian State TV and Radio, Czechoslovakian State TV and Radio, stations in Calgary, Canada. She has recently recorded a CD for Alexei Records.

Anna has written music for piano and voice. One of her compositions was published by a major state publishing company in the former Soviet Union. She also performs duo piano recitals with her husband, Kirill Gliadkovsky. Their duo piano team has performed numerous concerts in many states across the United States. Anna Gliadkovskaya is a researcher, as well. Her work about French Baroque composer Rameau has been published by the Russian Music Academy in Moscow. Anna has been on the piano faculty at SUU in 2007-2011. She started teaching at Saddleback and Irvine Valley Colleges in 2012.